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For years, fishermen who drift and troll have tried to invent a way to overcome this dilemma.  We think our NEXT GENERATION Outrigger Unlimited is one of the market’s best - and it’s affordable for most any budget.

Outrigger Unlimited offers significant savings and several advantages over more traditional solutions. We have been recognized nationally and internationally as the best and safest portable outrigger. Hundreds of pairs have been installed on private boats and charter vessels, with unequivocal success. It has been widely used as an inexpensive alternative to traditional outriggers for small boats and as a secondary bait spreader for large boats, all with excellent results! It’s the best outrigger for TROLLING and DRIFTING.


Outrigger Unlimited eliminates the need for expensive, complicated outrigger systems by using a craft's existing (metal) rod holders with a full length inside diameter of at least 1 13/16” (in some cases, you may have to remove the rubber liner) without losing the use of the rod holder for your rod. Set up and reloading times are drastically reduced, even in rough seas. Reloading typically takes 2 ½ minutes per pair.

Outrigger Unlimited extends the beam of a boat by 8 (or optionally 12) feet for extra line spread. That’s up to 20 feet of spread on an 8 ft. beam! It reduces tangles, keeps you in the action, and gets you back to the schools faster!

Outrigger Unlimited places the bait on the face of the boat’s wake, away from the prop-wash. Fine tune the spread using the included shock line to position your baits on the face of the 3rd, 5th or 7th boat's wake to improve your catch.

Reloading can be accomplished in seconds, even in rough seas. There is no need to reach outside the vessel. There is no need to bring lines off the outrigger to reload the release. Simply rotate the boom back into the cockpit to load the release and it will automatically return to its locked position when released. When travelling, the units may easily be rotated into the transom area. The strong, yet lightweight design is extremely portable and disassembles in seconds for easy storage. 

The outrigger regulates the height of the fishing line, better controlling its angle of entry into the water, by means of the shock line (included in the package). The shock line also provides extra support for the booms. 

Use your favorite line release mechanism. We can recommend the Cannon offshore saltwater line release, manufacturer’s part no. 2250109.

No more bridge troubles... The inherent design of the product eliminates associated delays and hassles when passing under bridges.

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