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Setting up your Outrigger Unlimited is simple:

  • Check to ensure your Lock Tube fits your rod holder*. You may need to remove the liner

  • Screw the two (or optionally 3) Boom sections together

  • Screw the Boom assembly into the lock tube

  • Rotate the Lock Tube 90 degrees in your rod holder. It should appear as pictured below

Easy Setup

Images Copyright Outrigger Unlimited TM
  • Rotate the Boom into the boat
  • Attach the End Screw to the end of the Boom
  • Secure one end of the shock line around the groove in the End Screw
  • Secure the other end of the Shock Line to the gunwale for added safety 
Images Copyright Outrigger Unlimited TM
Shock Line
  • Attach a Release Mechanism (not included) to the End Screw Wafer
  • Secure fishing line to the Release Mechanism

Release Mechanism

Images Copyright Outrigger Unlimited TM

  • Insert your trolling rod into the lock tube

  • Attach your bait

  • Swing the booms out until they lock perpendicular to the boat

  • GO FISH!

* Outrigger Unlimited fits rod holders with a minimum diameter of 1 & 13/16" and can be purchased here

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